West Menlo Park is part incorporated San Mateo County and part city of Menlo Park. There are several safety concerns pertaining to traffic, cyclists, pedestrians, and residents. While the Santa Cruz/Alameda Safety project has been a focus for 5+ years there are other areas in which our community has concerns.

If you have a concern, question, or suggestion, please use the form below to describe it and the location. Please be constructive with your suggestion(s) on how your concern could be resolved.

Over time, the plan would be to develop a focus on popular safety concerns and create webpages here to support resolution and action.

2 thoughts on “West Menlo Park”
  1. Kindly take into consideration unsafe pedestrian and biking along Valparaiso Avenue – a 99% residential area, where vehicles drive fast, speed into bike and sidewalks. Makes it scary to take out garbage when vehicles zip by inches from you! Have been to City Hall and the Police department re this and even received platitudes re the rights of drivers.

    1. Thank you for bringing this issue up for Valparaiso. Generally lanes on roads in our area are too wide. They should be 10′ or less when possible and bike lanes should be improved with either added buffer lanes or wider bike lanes (or both).

      One possibility for improvement is the new County project for Pavement Preservation that will occur this year (2023). This will be occurring on the Alameda, north of Avy so there will be an opportunity to insure that travel lanes are narrowed and the bike lanes are improved. It is important that the center turn lane also be narrowed to 10′ or less so that the extra room is provided to bike and pedestrian safety.

      By the way, a reference to 10′ traffic and center turn lanes are on Santa Cruz Ave between Hill View school and downtown. An example of even narrower traffic lanes is on Alameda, between Woodside Rd and Jefferson, where the majority of this roadway has narrower lanes than 10′ and much improved biking lanes.

      Here is a link to the Pavement Preservation Project: https://www.smcgov.org/publicworks/2023-pavement-preservation-project

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