What a fantastic community we have. Neighbors enjoy meeting neighbors. We work together to address safety concerns. We support one another when needed. We continue keep our communication channels open. All helps to improve our safety and that improves our quality of life.

Many have asked how one can help, here are some ways:

  • Volunteering to help is one way – just email Safety@Safer4Us.com
  • Help provide corrections and edits of our Safer4Us.com
  • Suggest postings for Safer4Us.com
  • Make a donation:  Use the button below.to support our Santa Cruz/Alameda corridor safety efforts


Donate by credit or debit card.  Donations are not tax deductible but it does help fund our safety efforts for the Santa Cruz/Alameda corridor. This helps cover website software & hosting, printing and signage costs, and other miscellaneous supplies and expenses.  Our local University Park Neighborhood and RonSnow is helping with the Safer4Us.com donate button so you will see both names on the secure donate form (from PayPal).

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