As many of you know, the community meeting with County Public Works (DPW) on April 18th revealed several concerns and raised questions pertaining to the Santa Cruz/Alameda safety project.  You can review the questions submitted for the April 18 meeting and see the responses DPW provided at the meeting to those questions they addressed.  (See April 18 Meeting Summary – Questions & Answers)

One result of that meeting was for several in the community to take action in the form of a letter to County Supervisors and Director of Public Works regarding our concerns of Public Works lack of interaction and engagement with our community and roadway design decisions they have made in that vacuum, resulting in severe safety issues for many Santa Cruz Ave residents, reduced safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and two locations where lack of engagement with our community has resulted in dangerous situations being planned.   

The Community Letter to County Supervisors and Director of Public Works is a request that this project be competed on time, yet that the recent problematic and unsafe design alterations be corrected.  It requests that Public Works stop ignoring the community and re-engage to correct these issues and put the project back on track to achieve the safety goals we agreed to. All of these points are made on the 1st page of the letter, with the subsequent pages providing more background and detail.

Action – You can help:

Please read the Community Letter and take action by using the form below to add your signature of support. We are gathering signatures throughout the community over the next several weeks.
Thank you!

If the button below doesn’t automatically show the Letter, please click the ‘download’ button that appears. A second option is to alternatively view the letter ‘here‘ and return to this page to sign below.

Signature to Community Letter to County Supervisors and Public Works