Safer 4 Us

Welcome to This website’s purpose is to be a community resource for information and discussion on safety topics and actions that will improve our community and quality of life. Primarily, this website focuses on pedestrian, residential, cyclists, and vehicle safety issues.

The first website focus and discussion information pertains to the Alameda section near Liberty Park.

The second website focus and discussion information pertains to the Alameda – Santa Cruz “Y” intersection.

Starting out as a new website, we are initially focusing on the West Menlo Park traffic corridor of Santa Cruz Ave and Alameda de las Pulgas — that area between Alpine Rd and Avy Ave.

This is an area that has been a safety focus of San Mateo County Public Works for well over 6 years. The corridor has a history of many accidents, traffic deaths, property damage from cars crashing into properties, and has locations that are extremely dangerous for residents, cyclists, and pedestrians, many of whom are senior or school age children. 

Map of Santa Cruz/Alameda Corridor

Over time, this website will grow and expand to include other locations that have safety issues in which the community wishes to engage the neighbors in helping city/county provide competent and effective actions to address safety concerns promptly. To see how you can help identify other safety focus locations, please visit the West Menlo Park page and leave a comment on that page.

Ways to Help

Donate by credit or debit card or Paypal.  It’s not tax deductible but it does help fund community. events and cover the costs of the many things we all do here.  The University Park Neighborhood ( and RonSnow are helping with this donate button so you will see both names on the secure donate form.

Money collected is used to cover the cost we incur for our Santa Cruz/Alameda Corridor safety efforts. This includes web hosting and associated software, printing of posters, flyers, and similar signage, community info events and meetings, and related costs.